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visuals page clip art

Visual content is provided for the lectionary day shown on the Lectionary Banner.  Use the calendar on the left to change the lectionary day. There are three tabs of content on the Visuals page. The tab whose content is currently being displayed is green.

Clip Art, shown above, includes images from the Icon 1, Icon 2, Icon 3, and Icon 4 collections.

PowerPoint® Slides provides images from the Icon 2 collection and a set of four slides that changes from one lectionary cycle to the next. For example, in the picture below, the four rightmost slides for Lectionary 11 B in 2015 were different than those from the previous Lectionary 11 B, in 2012, while the Icon 2 image on the left was the same for both years.

visuals page powerpoint slides tab

Video and Loops content is viewable on sundaysandseason.com by all subscribers, but is downloadable only by Deluxe subscribers who also have a Worship Videos add-on subscription.

visuals page video


visuals page search box

To search the Visuals library for material other than that directly associated with the lectionary day in the Lectionary Banner, enter a term or terms in the Search Visuals Library box, fill in at least one checkbox, and click on the “Go” button.


visuals page collections box

To see all of the images in one of the Visuals library’s collections, click on its name in the Visuals Collections box. The Bible Maps are those from Lutheran Study Bible. That collection and most of the ELW images are accessible only via the Visuals Collections and Search Visuals Library boxes.

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