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Planner Step Three: Review and Download Files

step three, navigation

The top of the Step Three page displays the same basic plan information as Step Two. Likewise, the “Start Over” button will take you to the view of the Planner Calendar you selected in the My Account area (if you haven’t made a selection, you’ll see the Month View by default). The plan you just left will be saved, and you’ll be able to start a brand new one.

The “Make Changes” button will take you back to Step Two, where you can make further edits to your plan.

The “Preview” button will display your plan with all of its music graphics in their proper locations. This is work you’ll have to do “manually” once you’ve downloaded all of your files; you can use the preview as a guide.

Worship Plan

step three, worship plan

Your plan, its associated music graphics, and necessary permissions letters will be downloaded in a single ZIP archive named “Worship Plan for [Date].” To “unzip” this archive in Windows, right click on it and choose “Extract All” from the menu of choices. With Mac OS, double-click on the archive. (These techniques usually work, although it’s possible you may need separate software.)

Once unzipped, your files will be in a folder named “Worship Plan for [Date],” inside of which will be a Word file of the same name (it will be either a DOC or a DOCX, depending on the preference in the My Account area). This is your worship plan.

plan file insert

In your plan, locations for files to be inserted are indicated in blue. In Windows, hold down the Control key and click on one of these links, (or, in Mac OS, simply click on one) to open the associated file in your preview software. Depending on your computer’s security settings, you may need to verify that you trust the file’s source.

Lectionary Events

If your plan is for a lectionary event—i.e., it’s not a special service—you will be able to download several more resources from this page.

Children’s Bulletins

There is a single Kids Celebrate bulletin for the day, while there is one Spark bulletin for pre-readers and another for readers.

step three, bulletins

Clip Art

TIF files from the Icon collections is suitable for bulletin covers or other printed materials, while the high quality JPG images can be projected.

step three, clip art


The files in this section are PowerPoint slides, some of which have space for you to add your own text.

step three, projectables

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